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One of my favorite past time is to cook.  Being Vietnamese and living in areas not well populated with Asians, I’ve learned how to make the comforting and tasty fares I grew up with by adapting the recipes with Western ingredients. Also with a busy career, recipes had to be simplified to be easy enough for everyday eats…


A quick note about using information from this site…

All recipes, photographs and postings on simplyvietnamese.wordpress.com are the  original creations and property of the author, simpleviet.

You can link to the postings but please DO NOT post or publish recipes or photographs found on this site without:

1. First obtaining permission (by sending a comment)
2. Providing an attribute to appropriately credit the source (simplyvietnamese.wordpress.com)Plagiarism is not good practice.



  1. Hi. What is it that you would like permission for? Thanks.

  2. I would like to print this so I can try it at home, I love vietnamese eggrolls and this sounds delicious

  3. I would like to place a link to this recipe from my blog “www.cabinetstew.com” if alright with you. My neighbors gave me an “opo squash” and I am blogging about how I cooked it (stuffed and roasted) and want to offer other options – i.e your stir-fry.
    thanks carol

    • As long as you acknowledge it came from my blog. Thanks for asking.

  4. My husband had the crispy crepes at a local vietnamese restrauant and has been trying to recreate the crepe with no sucess. May i copy your reciepe for him to try? the photo that goes with the reciepe is georgeous! it looks light and yummy.

    • As long as he acknowledges it’s from Simply Vietnamese blog…I’m working on a cook book.

  5. curious if the photos are of the food you cooked. the thai basil for example.

    enjoy the blog, thank you.

    • Yes, I take the photos right after I cook the dishes.

  6. Hi. May I copy & post in my blog your Thai basil and mini pork ribs chop recipe? I will have my own picture. I love CHA food , thanks for sharing.

    • If you could acknowledge that the original recipe came from my blog. Thanks.

  7. I lived in Vietnam for 17 years and I love their food. I would like to use your recipe. Lillian Phillips December 18, 2014

    • Could you expand on how you would like to use the recipe? Thanks

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