Posted by: SV | June 23, 2009

Tips on Making Vietnamese Eggrolls

The most visited page on my blog would have to be the Vietnamese Eggroll recipe.  Given the popularity of Vietnamese eggrolls, I thought I would help the newbies to begin the journey of making eggrolls. Here’s the link to the recipe for reference:

Key Asian Ingredients:

I suspect of one of the major barriers to making the eggrolls is buying the ingredients.  It can be intimidating walking into an Asian market trying to find the ingredients without being able to read the labels or know which brand is the good brand.  Attached is a picture of the key ingredients but I will also list it out and share with you my brand preference if applicable:

  • Dried vermicilli (Bean Thread) – Red Dragon brand
  • Dried black fungus/mushrooms/ – No preference
  • Fish sauce (nuoc mam) – One Crab brand (Hon Phan Thiet)
  • Oyster sauce – Panda brand
  • Rice paper (banh trang) – Red Rose brand
  • Rice noodle (bun) – Bun Thap Chua brand

Chopped Vegetables:

There’s a short cut…this should decrase 15 minutes of prep time! Use 2 bags of cole slaw vegetable mix, in the pre-made section. Of course, the jicama won’t be in the pre-made mix but a small compromise for saving time.

Preparation Ahead of Time:

You can make the eggroll stuffing ahead of time as long as you leave out the fresh vegetables (carrots, cabbage, jicama).  This can be refrigerated a day ahead or frozen.  When you are ready to make the eggrolls, incorporate the veggies into the meat mix.

Happy eggroll making! I hope this helps…let me know.



Vietnamese Eggroll Ingredients, originally uploaded by simpleviet.




  1. A few of my friends referred me to his blog and I am very thankful that they did. Living in such a fast paced society, personally, this has been a great corridor in finding a way to slow down time and enjoying some fantastic “soul” foods. The simplicity of most of the recipes that I have looked over are simple enough for the novice chef, like my self. My mother would be envious! Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

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