Posted by: SV | February 12, 2008

Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Cà phê sữa đá)

Awesome any time of the day!  Not to mention the nice jolt you get as well.  Once you have had a taste, no other iced coffee will do!  This is especially good with a nice Vietnamese sandwich (see my recent post on this).

Remember to use very dark and strong coffee, for example, double the amount of coffee grind for your typical brew.    Traditionally, coffee is made with a single-cup brewer placed over a cup.   (My brother tells me that a French press works especially well for this.)  Once the coffee drips completely into the cup, condensed milk is stirred in.  This can be enjoyed as is, hot.  For those who want something more refreshing, it is poured over a glass filled with ice.

 Here’s a link to a place you can purchase authentic Vietnamese coffee or the special brewer:

Vietnamese Iced Coffee 

  • 1-2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
  • 2/3 cup freshly brewed strong coffee (e.g., French roast, Café du Monde)
  • Iced cubes

 1.       Stir the condensed milk into the hot coffee

2.      Pour into a glass filled with iced cubes and stir  

Vietnamese iced coffee, originally uploaded by SV.



  1. just stumbled across your site and fell in love. mom always makes these foods for me and it’s such comfort food!!
    for the ca phe, what we do is leave it hot and dip our french baguettes in it for a snack. sounds kinda gross but it is soo good.
    and you gotta have that chickory coffee too. it’s the best!

  2. Not gross at all! Croissants are great for dunking too.

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